10 Count Boxer
10Count Boxer
Category Sports
Device iPhone/iPod touch

Never give up,Johnny!

Never give up,Johnny!

"This is masterpiece! It is wonderful!
I think that this game, everybody had better do it!"
- AppBank.net

With a 0-99 record, Johnny the gusty boxer refuses to lose.

But even he has one unbeatable "weapon".

And that's getting up off the floor.

When he's hit, he'll get up. Hit again, he'll get up again.

Even after suffering 100 heavy blows,

by some miracle he manages to get to his feet.

Johnny may be a loser, but he won't stay down for nobody!

Enduring a frenzy of pummels day in and day out,

Johnny dreams of the day he wins his first bout.

What sort of hope does tomorrow hold?

For some reason, Tom the ref doesn't want Johnny to taste victory,

and does whatever he can to keep it from happening.

"It don't matter how many blows I take, or how much I get knocked to the floor.
If I keep gettin' up, that W's always within reach, baby."        - Johnny

No complicated rules here! This game's all about the touch factor. 

Just make sure Johnny gets back on his feet before the 10 count's up!

The count gets faster the longer you play.

See how many times you can get Johnny to stand up before he's officially knocked out.

Getting a boxer up on his feet?

It might sound simple, but it can get so addictive that you'll lose track of time!

The controls are so simple, you can play with one hand! Great for killing time on the train, bus, or anywhere.

Show this app to friends, a sweetheart, family members, you name it! Anyone will get a kick out of it!

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  • 2009.05.25 "10 Count Boxer" app now on sale!