Past Camera
Past Camera Lite FREE
Category Photography, Entertainment
Device iPhone/iPod touch

Past Camera
Category Photography, Entertainment
Device iPhone/iPod touch

Introducing a mysterious new camera app that can photograph the past!

Introducing a mysterious new camera app that can photograph the past!

Have you ever thought, "If only I had taken a photo of that!" Or have you ever gone crazy trying to catch that perfect shot of your children as they fidget around?
Past Camera is an amazing new camera app that offers a smart solution to this everyday problem. Photograph the past!! Or the past few seconds, at least. The app allows you to display and capture images from the past few moments. Operating the camera couldn't be easier!Just ready the camera and press the button. Then, select your favorite shots from the thumbnails taken in consecutive high-speed. Taking a blurry photograph is no longer a problem. Just save your favorites and leave the rest!

You can even customize the camera to suit your needs, including changing the resolution or the time lapse between shots! Everyone wishes they could return to the past, but this amazing app is the first one to really offer you that experience.

* Features
1) Time lapse camera function
2) Consecutive, high-speed "Best Shot" function
- Flick either the thumbnails or main image to change your selection, and touch to confirm or cancel.
3) Exchangeable front / back camera function
4) Equipped with real-time window
5) 4 real-time window display settings (large / medium / small / off)
6) Equipped with image rotate / reverse mode
7) Customizable time lapse between shots (Limit varies according to resolution.)
8) Customizable resolution (Highest resolution is dependent on operating environment.)
9) Additional customizable functions
- Select from 3 standby animation styles
- Select from 9 menu colors

* Caution
Poor lighting can reduce shutter speed and increase the chance of blurred photographs.
It is recommended that you always use this application in brightly lit areas.

* Operating Requirements
iOS4.1 or later
iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch (4th generation) or later
* iPhone3G / iPad / iPad2 / iPod touches without cameras are not supported.

* [screenshots]

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  • 2011.09.14 "Past Camera Lite" on sale!
  • 2011.08.25 App now on sale!